Math Wars:

We held our first annual Math Wars. See flyer for more details. We have the preliminary battles yesterday as student traveled from planet to planet completing math challenges on their quest to become a Math Jedi. Students dressed up and had a great time reviewing the concepts they’ve been learning all year. On May the 4th we’ll be having a final Math Wars assembly for each of the upper grade levels (3rd-6th) where the top Jedi’s from each class will compete. 

New School Boundaries for 2017-18:

Please visit for detailed information regarding the boundary options.

Support our School’s Mission:

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Empower Leadership
Achieve Goals
Discover Potential

This is a place for students, staff, and parents to submit ways that either they have seen others doing something that helps to support our school’s mission or they themselves have done something. This information may be shared with our student body in morning announcements or in an assembly. CLICK HERE

Safety Video (5 min)
We are asking that all students and parents watch and abide by the following safety tips contained in this district created Safety Super Hero video.

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